Sunday, January 30, 2005

I've been sending resumes to places that are a bit out of my reach, places that I'm pretty much a perfect match for, places I'm a little overqualified for and even some I'm extremely overqualified for. No replies yet.

Current Resume Count: 20 (est)

Enough of the whining, though. I picked up my guitar and downloaded a slew of instructional manuals. As of right now I can plan all six strings on the first twelve frets and name all the notes if I do them in order. In other words, you couldn't point to a position and ask me what note it is without me having to either step forward from the 0th fret or step back from the 12th fret, but that's ok. It's a start. My fingertips feel like hamburger. But I'm told that's normal.

I actually got a lot done today. Scanned in maybe fourteen pages of a mag I'm trying to archive. Cleared out a bunch of tests I needed to take at work with no problem. Finished watching a movie (Man On Fire) and now I'm going to guessed it: send out more resumes.

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