Saturday, July 25, 2009

Let me tell you something about Cambridge cops...

I've had my property illegally confiscated by Cambridge cops.

I've been refused an officer's ID by Cambridge cops.

I've had Cambridge cops make up law out of thin air.

I've actually had to deescalate several of them at once. I thought that was their job?!

I've had Cambridge cops violate my 1st Amendment rights as well as my rights under the 16th Article of the Massachusetts Constitution.

I've had Boston cops violate those same rights as well, arrest me, then lie through their teeth to justify their actions.

Ella asked me the other day what I thought of the Cambridge professor arrest and I said I didn't know what happened, so I couldn't quite say.

But what I can infer from my not-insignificant experience with officers in this geography is that they do not take kindly to being told they are outside their legal authority, they do not know the law, when they do know the law they willfully choose to disregard it and they are not above lying in sworn testimony.

Sunday, July 05, 2009

I proposed. She said yes. =)