Tuesday, April 27, 2004

Went out recruiting tonight. Not as easy as it looks. But hey, it only gets easier and it isn't that hard for me to begin with.

Shannon - Let the Music Play. Remember that? I do. Swapping mix tapes in sixth grade. Ouch.

This week I have learned that the Japanese are some seriously, seriously sexually weird people. Sex should (almost) never involve funnels or snausages.
I have been in an utterly bleak musical pit for the last ...I don't know, three months? Discovered StationRipper which led me to poke around and find lots o drum and bass stations. Should music make you horny? If this is wrong I don't want to be right.

Between Ella, this ass-shaking hardcore and (god bless him) Quintin Tarrantino, I'm having a damn fine week.

Notice the order, kids. It's relevent.
Why oh fucking why did they take away my ephedra? Public health hazard? A few hundred people over the course of a decade felt dizzy? Aww. Maybe someone over at the CDC has heard of tobacco? Alcohol? No?

Money talks. Fuck that, it yodels.

I want to start working on my dream house. Granted, I'm not an architect and I'd definitely need one to go over my plans to fix all my stuff that doesn't meet local code, physics or common sense, but it's a start. I want villa del tabula rasa. I want lots of clean lines, no clutter, comfortable as all git-out and a bathroom that says "have sex on this floor."

Ok, ignore that last part. ... Ok, don't ignore that last part. I have somethi^M^M^Mone on my mind right now. How is it that I find her nothing short of drop-dead hot even after ten months? I start thinking about her body and I get all glassy-eyed. And don't even get me going about this last visit.

Yipes. New topic. So I'm going to spend this morning doing coffee-fueled code. Hence my opener. Couldn't sleep longer than 3 hours. Gr.

Monday, April 26, 2004

Huzzah. New blog. Maybe I'll continue with this, maybe I won't, but Cyn reports that Blogger is down with RSS which is all I needed to know. Maybe I can even get it off this half-ass ad-supported hosting sometime soon. =)

More later. Right now I'm coding and wishing that the hottest girl in the world would stop watching Adult Swim and maybe treat me to some phree phone sex.