Sunday, January 09, 2005

A day after I suggested that Bush give the money allocated for his innaguration ($40 million) to the tsunami victims, apparently someone with significantly more clout came up with the same idea.

Can I call 'em or what?

Clinton himself doesn't agree. "[Bush's] supporters should be able to celebrate it, however they see fit. And I don't think that it will detract one red cent from the money that we will give privately or publicly to this relief effort."

Maybe I'm doing the numbers wrong, but if they scrapped 3/4 of the events, gave that money to the victims, that'd be 30 million dollars they didn't have now.

Has the political scene become so jaded that politicians can make such obvious bullshit statements and not even be questioned? This isn't even opinion, this is math. It's thirty million dollars. If you don't spend it in one place, you can spend it somewhere else ...right?

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