Saturday, January 08, 2005

Ok, here's a rant...

ABCNews writes:
"Each year, 90,000 shippments (by rail or by truck) of hazardious materials [sulphuric and hydrochloric acid, ammonia, and chlorine] occur in this country."

If even one of those shipments is breached in an urban area say by, oh, a 1970's-era rocked propelled grenade, 10,000 people could die in thirty minutes. One truck.

One. Maybe you knew that, I sure shit didn't. But here's the funny part!

ABCNews continues:
"The chemical and rail industries say they have stepped up security and improved the strength of tankers. Officials have discussed rerouting hazardous cargo away from major urban areas or restricting the times when they can be shipped, but it may not be cost effective."

That's a politican/businessman for you, isn't it? These "officials" have decided that humans have a price tag. I understand what they're saying, but I'd still like to know what they think one is worth. Like a real dollar amount, just ask them.

Then strap them down, zoom into their brains with super-powerful microscopes and find out what they really think. Kill all of them with the single exception of the one with the smallest discrepancy.

That one can be our leader.

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