Monday, January 03, 2005

A little more work done on OpenHaus. Created a temp logo, redid the layout. It's extremely temporary, just a screenshot of my psd file. Running into issues like "how do I represent a cluster of dots in one area when the user is zoomed out?," that sort of thing.

Watched Party Monster. I can't stand Macaulay Caulkin but this was exceptional in a way I can't even describe. Maybe because it's hard for me to imagine someone that seflish.

A extremely old lady (so old that doing something this stupid didn't bother me) came in today and used her credit card. I handed her the electronic pen and instructed her to click "yes" to agree to the price she was charging. She did. I turned my back. For some unknown reason she picked up a regular pen and proceeded to sign the pad. With ink. Actually managed to get a pretty good rendition of her name right on the glass, I might add. This was pretty funny.

Another woman came in and wanted to know how our DVD cleaner disc worked. I held it up, showing her the underside with the microfiber strands. "This glides across the lens and cleans it." "Oh," she replied, "I'm not technically inclined." What the fuck does a piece of thread strapped to the underside a CD have to do with technical knowledge? Why are people so bent on being proud of not knowing how digital things work?

And while I'm on it, what's with the preoccupation with asking how things work? It cleans the !@#$ing head of the DVD player. Do you buy a bike and ask how the shifter works? Ever ask the guy at the deli the gear ratio on his slicer? Have you tried bringing up the merits of RFID tags with the local supermarket checkout girl?

So why are you asking me to explain the mechanics of a DVD cleaner if you're just going to profess technical ignorance in the next breath?

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