Sunday, January 23, 2005

For any people reading this that know me personally, we're fine but there are passage-clogging drifts 7' tall in places. Ella and I spent about five minutes getting through one such stretch no longer than eight feet. I basically bellyflopped unto the next section, compressed the snow and then stomped it down. Lather, rinse, repeat.

I live about 150' from the ocean so I headed down with the dog. He couldn't tolerate the wind without pressing flat to the ground. The railing itself is encased in a half-inch of ice with the leading edge facing the ocean shaped like a dull knife blade. Everything -- especially the cars -- are now aerodynamic but not from any direction that it would actually move.

It's almost like the wind got sick of fighting everything not round and decided to correct it all.

The walls of the stairwell leading down to the beach rocks are covered with a layer of clear, bubbly yellow-tinted ice sheet. Waves are crashing all the way against the back wall which isn't that remarkable, high tide does that, but the frequency and power of the waves is remarkable. We're talking hurricane strength breaks with near-whiteout visibility.

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