Saturday, January 15, 2005

Two interesting events on this visit with my daughter.

• When discussing math protocol (specifically, whether empty spaces when doing multiplication needed to be held with zeros), Rebekah told me, "Why question facts? That's what my mom says."

I'm also told that the mother is fond of the phrase, "Because I'm the parent, that's why." I despise that statement and hopefully I'll never use it. In fact we had a talk about how if [Bek] ever disagrees with me, she still has to listen to me at that point but she is strongly encouraged to argue her point later if she feels I'm wrong.

"Because I said so" is such a bullshit copout.

• Bek and I had one of our first "real" conversations. The details of my relationship with her mom, whether or not I was mad at her mother and if I disliked her, etc. We covered a lot more material than we have in the past and ....dunno. It just went really well. I think I can finally say that she and I have some semblance of a normal relationship.

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