Saturday, January 29, 2005

customer: I need this kind of battery.
me: We can order those for you but we don't have them in stock.
customer: Well I need it now!

At this point a little SAT-ish bubble pops up into my head.

a) "Sucks to be you, doesn't it?"
b) "How does it feel to want?"
c) [just laugh]
d) [laugh and point]

Of course, I did nothing of the sort because believe me, Princess Mononoke here isn't worth losing my job over, but hey...

On a more pleasant note, I burned a CD with G Love, Sean Paul, Death Cab for Cutie, The Postal Service and Scissor Sisters this morning, just so I could have something better to listen to at work. The ninth time around I was getting evil looks from the coworkers.

Right about this time, a girl comes in (very polite, soft-spoken, really friendly in a subdued sort of way), confused about a device she purchased. I'd just begun the CD again (I can play a song into the ground if I really like it), Death Cab's A Movie Script Ending kicks in, she comments that she adores this song.

I walk over to the CD player and remove the disc since at least two people will likely draw straws on who will have the honor of shoving it straight up my ass if I play it one more time. The girl comments, "You're just turned off a song I like??" with more mild shock at the perceived rudeness than true irritation. I hand her the CD and mention there are some other tracks on there she might like.

In short, I think I seriously made her day, though I explained that it was trivial to make and trivial to replace. She mentioned she couldn't download music (didn't say why, just that she couldn't). I showed her how to use the device she came in asking about and that was it. So I think I seriously made someone's day. And I live for that shit.

Today was good. Boring, but good.


marazi said...
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Jason Nobody said...

Well, some of that was the case here and some not. She wasn't really helpless so much as not quite understanding why she'd need/want a wireless CD player-to-car cassette adapter over a wired one. I explained the lack of clutter.

But she did have the super quiet voice. I think I won points by playing Death Cab (who I do sincerely like and I only put in for my own enjoyment) but I was definitely going for extra credit with the CD offer. =)

'sides, I was killing two birds with one stone. I don't think I could have gotten another full play on the disc without one of the coworkers getting ugly. That, and I also love turning people on to new music. G Love and Scissor Sisters are incredible, IMO...

And what, praytell, is a "native observer," hmmmm??

marazi said...
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marazi said...

The comment I made was as a result of my re-discovery of the suprising reality: even smart men buy this trick:)-huge generalization? yes it is! I am suprized too:)-

"Native observer" in this context does not mean that I was there or I was this woman:)Yet simply means that one who does not hesitate to employ same trick if it is inevitable:) Sorry. There is no justice in any relationship as there is no justice in politics:)

p.s.Belive me sometimes "wireless or not" issue may make you feel exteremely helpless:)

Jason Nobody said...

"No justice in relationships."


Well while you're here, ...who are you and how did you come to read this blog? I certainly don't mind, I just cannot figure out how it happened since there are only about three people who I've told about it.

marazi said...

"Who am I?" Ordinary blog user who does not know you personally. There is no need to be suspicious:)I encountered your blog few months ago when you were writing on election results in U.S. and when I was thinking about "what is the use of writing in a blog?" for myself and "what is the use of being in here?" and when I was using "next blog" to understand what other people do and write:)Even I wrote you an anonymous comment that you did get it partly because of my bloody English:)

"Relationships are inequal": I think that phrase seem familiar to you. But believe me I am not the one who told it you before. For my part "relationships have always been unequal" so I quit my blog because of the eyes that I do not want them to witness my blog. (Maybe this phrase looks familiar to: "Theirs are not ears that are ready to listen what I say")If it does bother you I quit reading your blog.

p.s. "Internal observer" does not mean that I am internally observing your life but I am internally observing the condition of "soft voice with kitten looking eyes"


Jason Nobody said...

Oh, I don't mind at all if you read. I'm just curious as to how you found it, is all. I have a bit of a facination with etymology, origins of words, but I guess that extends to the origins of anything. Including how you found the blog. =)

But again, I couldn't care less who reads it.

I'm actually stumped on the "relationships are unequal" phrase. Did I write it in the past?


PS: It seems you're reading a bit of hostility in to my replies. Trust me, there is none. Only curiosity.

marazi said...

Hi again

As I told you clicking "next blog" one day was the way that I reached your blog.

I am not clear on why you need to express your interest in etymology.

I do not feel any hostility in your messages. (You might have get this impression because of my possibly "hostile" tone-which is due to lack of good command of English I assure you:)

Take care

I quit posting comments:)

marazi said...
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marazi said...

By the way I think "relationships are unequal or unjust" is a realty that each of us("us" in the sense of human being) discovers it again and again on everyday level. That is to say I do not know whether you wrote it before but I came to this point one more time:)