Saturday, July 30, 2005

Played a really good game of go tonight. I lost, but I played better than average so I'm happy about it. This might be the first game I can feel good about submitting to the go teaching ladder.

Always wanted to learn aikido, now more than ever. I think I see a lot of its precepts in go.

Holy crahp. I just got an email that begins with:

Has your cum ever dribbled and you wish it had shot out?
Have you ever wanted to impress your girl with a huge cumshot?

Actually, no. I can't say I've ever thought to myself "man, I bet she'd REALLY impressed if my load hit the headboard like a ball peen hammer!"


So ...apparently AIM wasn't down, something was up with my connection. Couldn't figure it out so I just got on the phone with tech support. Reset all the hardware, boom, works. Sure, it's fixed. But I still don't know what the root of the problem was and that bugs me a little.

Long day tomorrow. I'd better not !@#$ing oversleep.

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