Friday, July 29, 2005

(Finally) installed a computer for a client so her workers could check email from the front desk instead of the info requests being printed out by the owner and sneaker'd over. I only charged her (roughly) half of my old rate but (a) I knew this was a budget job going into it and (b) she's been sending me referrals. And (c) work is work.

Picked up a pay-as-you-go cellphone with the full intention of only using it as an answering service with the nice side bene of having a cellphone if really needed. Tomorrow I can design business cards and boom, I'm semi-legit.

A lot of things are beginning to gel.

I'd like to live someplace where there is a good go community, a solid aikido school and a community college wouldn't suck now that I consider it.

Been thinking about the futility of planning anything overseas until my daughter turns eighteen. The current plan is to lay low for the next 7 years, save up a decent bankroll, get a degree and teach English overseas when 2012 rolls around. What?? I'll be 40. ... Holy shit I'll be 40...

Whatever. =)

Oh yeah -- I lost about 10lbs. Been sticking to my diet like gangbusters. Every try to stick to a diet when you're stoned? If I can do this, I can probably achieve world peace.

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