Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Computer prepped for client. Check.
Go games played. Check.
Chiropractor. Check.
Cleaned room. ... Working on it.

So ...this is weird. My varicose veins have all but disappeared. Well, to anyone else my leg would look a bit blue but really, either my diet or the chiropracter visits have done a great deal of good. I'm leaning toward the chiropracter because their job is to get the spine to not pinch things, which can't help but assist in a bloodflow sense. After all, my first incidence of DVT occurred just below my pelvis. This is precisely the area the chiropractors worked on.

Whatever. It's the first time in about a dozen years I haven't had a swolen leg, often painful, occasionally necessitating a hospital visit.

I've discovered a VERY powerful concept in the game of go. It's somewhat based upon the aikido idea of 'ma ai.' Long story short, ma ai is the concept of keeping a distance from the enemy such that if they're going to attack, they must commit to that attack fully.

In go, I've been learning to "throw away" stones, force a manditory reaction by my opponent. Then I build up the decoy, incursioning stones just enough to continue the ruse. While they're working to kill the stones I have no intention of saving, I build a larger, more stable area.

It's a hell of a technique. It works because people have this natural inability to not write off anything. If stones invade, those stones must be quashed, period. It's like playing with your cat with a laser pointer. They're so fixated upon the dot, they lose all peripheral vision.

Tomorrow I install a system for a client, get paid, pick up my paycheck, pick up a prepaid cellphone, a domain name and have some business cards made. Then I'm actually running my own business.

Christ, I hope I don't screw this up. Know my weak spot? Crappy financial common sense. Hm...

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Blu said...

Wow I was right about the chiropractor! See sometimes I do give good advice...not love advice- but medical- I'm all over that. If you're having any menstrual cramps I know exactly what to do!