Sunday, July 10, 2005

[01:19] bodhiFive:

[01:19] bodhiFive: Whoa.
[01:21] chip: time to invest in some new stocks
[01:21] chip: hah
[01:22] bodhiFive: Seriously. But it's funny to think that there are people who (likely) sit around and just dream up where the technology could go, whether something else might "collide" with it (political moods, wars, etc) and then declare how feesible an idea it is for the investors.
[01:22] bodhiFive: What a job.
[01:24] chip: there was someone from my school who made a job for himself at motorolla as a professional story teller that painted pictures of what life would be like if things could do x, y or Z
[01:24] chip: he seemed to be doing pretty well
[01:24] bodhiFive: Whoa.
[01:24] bodhiFive: That's fucking AWESOME.
[01:24] chip: yeah
[01:24] bodhiFive: I want that job.

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