Monday, July 25, 2005

I'm taking a cue from a friend and going on an "herbal hiatus," and for similar reasons.

Having said that, I just beat a 14k player in go (I'm 21k) while severely, severely plastered. I'm amused. And, I might add, a bit smug. =D

I just started a new business. An on-location, cycle-only technical support/hookup thing. Long story short, I installed a NIC card for a customer where I work, she happens to run an inn, she told all the local inns about me, they started calling me, they started telling all their friends and now I'm getting 1-3 calls per week on a regular basis.

People in this town will hire you for $25/hr to hook up their DVD player. I'm not trying to be derisive so much as point out that when you've got as much money as some of these people do, it eventually reaches a point where spending $30 and 30 seconds on the phone with me is preferable to spending five minutes behind a television trying to figure the shit out.

Me, I can't even fathom paying someone to hook up my computer. But then again I do eat at Dunkin Donuts occasionally and there are problably people who are so poor that the idea of paying someone to make a sandwich seems pretty outlandish.

To each their economic caste. *shrug

You remember the guy who chewed me out for charging too little, about 1/5th of what he charges? Well, I took his advice, raised my rates to a flat $30/hr ($25 for AV hookup, less chance for disaster) and I'm having business cards made. I bet you a wooden nickel his head explodes when he finds out. Not my goal, but certainly funny to think about.

Oh, so the name of the business: Two Wheels Good. Orwell + Bikes. Let's see who notices.

Rick James has been running on the wheel for the last 60 minutes. He is the Jim Fixx of the mouse world.

You know, if I didn't quit learning the guitar, I bet I would know Santeria by now. That makes me sad. Maybe I should stop quitting shit...

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Blu said...

Congrats babe! I knew you had it in you :)