Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Most of you probably know that Grand Theft Auto San Andreas has a sex scene embedded in it. You have to download a modification from a third party to actually see it, but the moralists are at it again, regardless.

Earlier this week, the House voted 355-21 for a resolution asking the FTC to investigate the company. Last week, Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton, D-New York, asked the FTC to investigate Rockstar, saying the company had "gamed the ratings system" by concealing sex scenes in the game that can be unlocked by computer programs available on the Internet.

This is a little like blaming the cable box manufacturer when your kid downloads a hacking tool to bypass the password feature and watches pr0n all night.

You can't access the scene unless you modify the program in a way that the developers never intended. It simply wan't published that way, so how are you going to blame them for content that can't be seen without hacking?

Oh, if only we had as much energy for tackling, say, hunger.

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