Saturday, July 02, 2005

Bush, as most of you probably know, sucks.

Wait, that's not what I meant to say. I meant to point out that Bush is going nowhere on anything. The war in Iraq. The war on so-called "terror." The economy. Social security. Hell, he can't even ram his favorite burn-the-village-to-save-it nominee for the United Nations post through. And, as I've noted, there is precisely zero good news for this president on the horizon.

Which makes me giddy in a way that only Hello Kitty flatware can.

So it is extreme happiness that I announce Dubya is fuxx0red (NYT, registration required) on the O'Connor replacement issue.

Conservatives believe they purchased the presidency fair and square and therefore believe they're owed someone solidly anti-abortion. This is no secret, which is why when the Republicans talk about liberal "judicial activists" I damned near piss myself.

Which brings us to Alberto Gonzales, presumably on the short short list for O'Connor's vacated Supreme Court seat. Gonzales is a sort of wildcard in that his position on many things is in a kind of question mark to everyone but Gonzales. Maybe he gets elected to the lifetime post and then comes out of the closet. Who the hell knows.

The religious right -- again, receipt-holders of the Commander in Thief -- Do Not Like Gonzales. But he's about as conservative as Bush could pick and actually get through Congress.

Let me put it another way; Bush can nominate Gonzales and get him through Congress but it will piss off his backers something amazing. Alternately, Bush could pick someone ultra-conservative, never get them through Congress and actually accellerate his popularity free-fall.

Unless Bush pulls a golden horseshoe out of his ass, I think he may enter historically unheard-of disapproval numbers well before his term ends.

He's fucked. F to the U to the C-K-E-D. I'm loving it. Every bloody second of it.

As a side note, keep in mind that Gonzales penned a legal justification for torture at Bush's behest.

Every day I wake up and marvel to myself that this is my country. It takes a lot of effort to not see what we're doing around the world. Shitloads of effort.

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