Tuesday, August 02, 2005

A hacksaw. A hacksaw. I bet that's one expensive fucking hacksaw.

Can't they afford something ...you know ...more ...lazery? Shit.

Somehow, Star Trek wouldn't have had that je ne sais qois if Scotty kept bitching, "Me wee hacksaw is bollocks, it kent take any morrrrre of this keptain!"

They're using a hacksaw because the material (is "grout" a material name or the name of the function any material would serve in that capacity?) is sticking out. ... Ok, so what if there was a dent? So you KNOW they brought a putty knife and some bondo, too.

An aside; 205lbs. While doing laundry, I came across an old pair of pants that I've NEVER fit into. Now they fit perfect.

Christ I sound gay.

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