Sunday, August 21, 2005

Teaching English overseas doesn't pay badly but not enough for me to live on and pay child support at the same time. I could get a better job (which I'm still trying to accomplish with varying degrees of enthusiasm) but I'd still have to leave it to teach, so that's not an option.

It occurs to me that I have the next seven years to what? Sounds like plenty of time to earn a degree. I never gave very serious consideration to college because my plans -- regardless of how pathetic I am at following through with them -- did not see me sitting on my ass for a few years.

Well, times have changed. Some possibilities have opened up.

I'm thinking sociology. Why do people do things? Seems like an interesting question.

I'm also facinated behind the organizational behavior or insects, so maybe there's some nexus with sociology there.

Maybe working on AI, though that's probably far more post-grad, long-term. Really, I just want to entertain my ass while I'm waiting. College will be my 7-year walkman.

I never liked the idea of college-for-extra-earning-potential. This is predicated on the tacit assumption that having more money makes your life better. Fuck that.

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