Sunday, August 28, 2005

[editor: this was accidentally saved as a draft instead of being posted last night.]

Serve as impartial observer for a few hours, go home, sleep for 4.5h, wake, cycle a few miles to work, work, cycle home, cycle to client's house, install drive. Leave client, head home, burn CD for next client, cycle to client's house, reinstall OS. Client overpays me by 2x. I'm not sure if it's a tip or not, no answer at their phone. I'll call tomorrow. Cycle to store, chat. Cycle to band's first gig. Cycle back to store, coordinate. Cycle back to gig. Get semi plastered, eat some catered food, practice drums, cycle to friend's house. Play go, smoke a tiny bit, swap stories until 3AM. Cycle home, 30mph down the hills, little moon, many stars. Trees part, black skies open, stars everywhere. It's a bit like flying, moving fast with no anchor to the ground and no sense of propulsion. Just stars and wind.

Get home, walk dog, check email. Lament my alarm setting. And here I am, now.

Geez I wish I had time to rip these CDs. Nikka Costa. Fathead. Dag.

Geez I wish I had more time to spend with this ferret. I've tentatively named him "Mr. Pink." Which is better than "Mr. Brown." You all know why.

This cage is way too small for him. I might section off an area of the room and leave him on a tether long enough to reach only within that span. Only put him in the cage at night.

He's a loopy little bastard. When he gets agitated he bares his little fangs and prances around like his nuts are filled with habanero juice. How did this goofy a creature make it through the Darwinian sieve? I've watched a lot of Animal Kingdom growing up and I have never seen any animal kill any other animal by tripping over it. Which seems to be Mr. Pink's specialty.

I miss the people I haven't seen in a while. Tricia. Leah. Keri. Jen.

Playing with the ferret, going to bed. G'night all.

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