Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Yet more logic bombs:

Asked whether Frist was going to have trouble with his base -- the evangelical Christians he'd been courting with an eye on the 2008 presidential campaign -- [Amy Call, Frist's press secretary] argued that it was Reid, not Frist, who was pandering to his base: "There should be some parity here in how we compare who's tied to what," she said. "That's all I'm saying."

Two things seem pretty clear here.

(a) Frist's press secretary feels Reid is pandering to a fringe leftist base.

(b) Frist's press secretary openly acknowledges that there is parity between Frist's base and Reid's.


(c) Frist's press secretary openly acknowledges Frist is pandering to the fringe right.

Hey, news isn't so bad I guess. You just have to listen to what these fuckers say. It's all there.

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Thomas said...

I really try to understand where Frist is coming from. But his reasoning on all this doesn't make sense.