Wednesday, May 04, 2005

I am still ridiculously sick. Imagine a walnut filled with pure evil, then imagine swallowing it. That's how I feel.

Got into a wonderful argument with a customer about the selective nature of the Republicans use of the "sanctity of life" shibboleth, juxtapozing Schiavo and Raich for good measure. The only defense she mounted on Raich was that I was misunderstanding the government's argument and that they couldn't possibly be arguing what they are, in fact, arguing. More specifically, she didn't seem to have even a general idea that Congress' reach was limited by the Constitution.

This conversation began with me asking her if she knew who Angel Raich was and her shaking her head "no."

The discussion wasn't remarkable because every time we strayed into areas that wouldn't have fit into a sound byte, she'd just interrupt and repeat something that sounded suspiciously like O'Reilly. I'm not saying she was stupid because she had Republican ideas, but I am saying she was stupid because there was no comprehension to her argument. No depth at all, it consisted of insist, insist, insist but no "here's why."

It's kind of unsettling to talk with people with no intellectual depth. I know the term "robot" is thrown around as an insult. I'm using here as a context for predicting behavior. There was no self-analysis, no error checking. No stopgap mechanism in her to say "hey, what am I being told, how real is it, how well does it stand up to the facts and now that I'm on the subject, exactly what do I know of the situation?" It was just her waiting to talk, shaking her head and spitting another O'Reillyism.

By the time we got around to Schiavo, she was damned near yelling. Then she tried telling me some must-have-gotten-this-gem-from-Fox-Skews bullshit on Schiavo's husband and when I said I didn't think her info was correct, and I was fairly familiar with the case and had read the ad litem report, she shouted "I KNOW MORE!!" and just kind of lost it.

That's when I walked off.

I think I'm going to sleep for a solid 10 hours. Starting now.

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