Wednesday, March 23, 2005

This blurb from a Minnesota newspaper on the latest school shooting. It is not edited in any way.

Weise grew up in the Twin Cities, went to school in Shakopee and Chaska, and then moved to the Red Lake Reservation after his father killed himself in a police standoff and his mother was severely injured in an automobile accident.

"He was just a normal kid when he was kid," said Patrick Tahahwah, a distant relative who lives on the reservation.

But something happened that left Weise angry and alienated by the time he was 16. He apparently was especially upset about having to move to the reservation, where he was picked on and considered something of an outcast.

Holy crap, that's a real riddle! Call me nutty, but I think there might be a clue buried in that first paragraph, Ponce de Leon.

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