Saturday, March 12, 2005

I found $170 on the floor today at work. Suspecting it belonged to someone who had left my store only ten seconds earlier, I tracked them down in the parking lot, returned it.

I work at Radio Shack. Finding $170 will literally make the devil/angel pair appear on your shoulder and fuck with you, pitchfork, halo and everything.

Sending out resumes tonight. I've sent out maybe 25 over a span of a week recently. Not a single reply. Not one. So right now I'm wondering if it's better to send out resumes with either very short cover letters or none at all. I can probably send 15 resumes with generic cover letters in the same time it would take to send out one resume with a solid cover letter. Hm.

Maybe I'll take best-of-both-worlds approach. Do the top 1-3 with good cover letters, spam the rest.

[Addendum: Two resumes sent out last week, two more so far tonight.]

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