Monday, March 07, 2005

The bad news | You may have heard that an Italian journalist was released by her al Queda captives only to be shot by U.S. troops enroute to the airport mere minutes after allowed to go. The Italian soldier who had just secured her release responded to the gunfire by covering the journalist with his own body, getting himself killed in the process.

On, a lovely right-wing blog, the cretins are suggesting that since the reporter writes for a socialist newspaper frequently critical of the United States, the whole event was staged. Oh, and she speaks Arabic. That nails it right there, doesn't it?

Here is one of the more astute comments left by the supportive rabble:

     "It is disgusting how the media don't interview each of the 115 people killed last week from terror, but let one pathetic journalist take a bullet and the frenzy begins."

Yes, it truly is a travesty that the media doesn't interview the dead. It reeks of bias. But don't dispair, little O'Reillyian, Fox News just reported that our chocolate ration has gone up again!

The good news | Bet you never knew taxedermy cold be so goddamn cool...

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