Friday, March 18, 2005

Congress has decided to take a VERY activist stance in this whole Schiavo right-to-die case. They've actually issued a subpoena for both Terry and her husband to appear. Why? Republican congressmen have specifically stated that they issued the subpoena not to gather evidence or hear testimony but to circumvent the courts in order to keep her alive.

In other words, Republicans tried to subvert the court system by compelling Terry to appear before them. If you remove her feeding tube, then she'll miss her subpoena, and causing someone to miss their subpoena is illegal.

And here is the language the media uses: "Brain-Damaged Florida Woman Invited To Testify Before Congress."

Invited. Invited. I didn't know a subpoena was a choice.

Next time I hear "conservatives are for less government" I'm going to say three things. "Terry Schiavo, gay marriage and medical cannabis." Bull Fucking Shit.

Doctors say she is in a persistent vegitative state and will not recover. Her parents say that she is capable of interaction. Oh really? They why don't they fucking ask her?

Maybe because her cortex is filled with cerebral fluid. In other words, she can't think because she doesn't have a brain with necessary hardware. That's like expecting a car with no pistons to do a few laps if you just wait long enough.

If she's not capable of answering a yes/no question, then I think it's simple fucking common sense to conclude the is not capable of interaction. What is interaction if not an exchange of information?

You realize that neither side of this whole mess gives a rat's ass about Terry Schiavo.

There seems to be a common theme to everything that becomes partisan. Liberals seem to trust the human to make decisions for themselves. Conservatives think that citizens are too stupid. But when it comes to dissemination of information, the foundation of a sound decision, it reverses. Conservatives are against things like teaching kids the truth about drugs (read; cannabis isn't in the same category as heroin, sorry) while liberals fight for access to information, health warnings on products, etc.

In other words, republicans think you're stupid and want to make sure it stays that way.

Kind of sounds like my ex, the mother of my daughter. She does everything she can to prevent me from seeing my daughter and then complains about how I'm not there as a dad. Isn't it the religious right that mocks gays for being promiscuous while denying them the right to marry?

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