Friday, June 10, 2005

Had a job interview today. It's for a non-profit fundraising. Debt relief, hunger relief, etc. Went really well. I'd be stunned if I didn't get it. If I understand their pay scale correctly, combined with a few other factors, then I think I'll be making about 150% of what I'm making now.

*fingers crossed into knots.

Spent some of the day in Boston. Walked from North Station to Copley, had the interview, then walked up Newbury, back down, returned to North Station and came back home. Jesus I love that town. And I might be working on Newbury St...

Walking through the Commons, I smell weed. It's 2:00 PM. Broad daylight. Cops not 100m up the road in plain sight and here are two guys passing an Up In Smoke-era doob burned down to a roach. Classic.

I'd forgotten how bold the squirrels are. I saw one today rattling a cup with some spare change in it. Drunk off his ass, too. ... Ok, I made that last part up. But those are some squirrels, boy.

Did I mention I might very well have a new job doing something I care about and making way more than I am now and even in the ballpark of what I was making in 2000?

Why does the thought of going back to that Hello Kitty store make me stupid and giddy? ... Probably has something to do with Ella's mid-Shaws j-pop VitaSoy commercial. Is good for you!

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