Tuesday, June 07, 2005

ABCNews quotes are in italics. This is about how Bush is sucking ass in the polls.

For the first time, most Americans, 55 percent, say Bush has done more to divide than to unite the country.

Since 51% voted for him in November, I guess this means that 6% of the population of the United States is just coming to grips with this one. I guess four years of being rammed rectally wasn't quite enough. "Dang! I thought he was gonna change!"

Nope. Six percent. Six percent. Thanks guys!

With discontent over U.S. casualties at a new peak, a record 58 percent say the war there was not worth fighting.

That's fucking awesome.

Maybe some of you remember the liberals/progressives prior to the war. Do you remember their constant drone of "another Vietnam, another Vietnam, another Vietnam." Remember how you laughed? Does the saying about ignorance and being doomed to repeat history ring bells with any of you yellow ribbon magnet fuckers?

Do you realize that even if you take the neocons at their word, we're not even halfway through this mess?

In January, 55 percent of Americans expected Bush to do a better job in his second term than in his first.

Why?!?!? If you hire a kid to flip burgers and he spends the entire time sleeping, picking his nose and spitting in the food, ...yeah, maybe it's reasonable to assume he can't get any worse. But would you really re-hire him?

Someone, PLEASE explain to me what good Bush has done for this country.

I could keep going but I'd just piss myself off.

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