Thursday, February 10, 2005

I started off this post by explaining everything but it's so fucking long that I figured it'd just be better to rant.

The mother of my daughter asked that I move this month's scheduled visitation to another week. It wasn't really a request, more of a "she has something to do, make it another week" kind of demand. We both agreed -- and we both agreed that we agreed -- that the shift was contingent upon me checking with Chris and his schedule. Why do I have to check with Chris' schedule to visit my daughter? Oh, I'm so glad you asked...

I used to live in RI. Now I live in MA, about 17 miles further away than I used to be. I have court ordered visitation but the address that it should occur at is the Rhode Island address. So I have to trek about six hours each way to see my daughter once a month. Wake at 6AM, take 7AM train to Boston, take subway to South Station, take train/bus to providence, arrive around noon.

Did I mention that I don't even live there any more?

Chris and I have been friends for fourteen years. Tonight he decides it would be a bright idea to mention that sometimes it's me that misses vists, sometimes it's Melissa's fault. This is ironic since it is only through my bending and agreeing to have visits in a place I don't even live any more that is a six hour trip away that have caused me to have to miss some visits. Travelling to and from Rhode Island plus eating out for two people for six meals is expensive, and unfortunately, I don't always have enough money to pay for it. I take home about $215 every two weeks this time of year. That's full time in retail minus taxes and child support.

So it's time to stop being a nice guy and being fucked for being a nice guy.

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