Thursday, September 01, 2005

When hurricane Katarina hit, Bush responded with a fairly authoritative, respectable "we will move heaven and earth"-style speech. I thought to myself, "fine, let Bush have his 9/11esque moment if it means helping the people crushed by the storm." I laugh when people bitch about politicians "playing politics" with issues, because what else do you expect politicians to do? But this is different.

Well apparently not since he's fucking that up too.

Yes I know there are impossible situations, but not so impossible that you can't C-130 sandbags over instead of taking ships up a mangled waterway or diverting helecopters for life-saving efforts. Not so impossible that you can't stop snipers from shooting at a hospital. Dude, bring in the national guard.

Oops. They're gone.

Ain't that a bitch?

Note to our illustrious mis-leader; you could fuck up a ham and cheese sandwich. Choke on a pretzel. You know, while I'm at it, choke on two if it speeds up the process.

I can't wait for a reporter to ask Bush if he feels that our involvement in Iraq has cost lives post-Katarina. It'll never happen because our so-called "free press" is too afraid to ask anything that could be labeled as unpatriotic.

Really, if you were in the Whitehouse press corps, would you risk a job you busted your ass for through college and ten years of shit jobs just to ask the president a pointed question that Americans deserve an answer to?

Tonight, just as I was leaving a friend's house to head home, I saw a meteor. Not your average, run-o-the-mill Leonid here, I'm talking close enough and large enough to see the flames and the smoke contrail pass through a 20° swath of sky.

Never seen anything like it. I'm almost certain that it made it to the ground and if my calculations are correct, it hit around mid-Gloucester.

And if the folklore holds true, a friend of mine will do OK. =)

Good luck, baby. I don't know if it'll work out but I'm sure you'll do your best.

*hug on cheek

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E. said...

Awesome point. Hopefully, reporters as well as Democrats will grow some balls someday and really grill the moron about what he's dragged us into!