Thursday, September 08, 2005

Please describe your current life situation. Structure these vignettes in haiku form. Do not let themes bleed across poem lines.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Addendum: Rabbi: Katrina [is god's] punishment to the U.S. for supporting [Gaza] pullout

Oh, my favorite! Religion; the doubled-edged sword. I don't suppose it ever occured to that idiot Bush that he might someday stand accused of being on the business end of god's wrath.

The ferret is currently having a full-on, standing up boxing match with ...a garbage bag. With leaping. All with the leaping. SO much leaping. Hold on! He's now saving the universe from ...his own ass!

Ferrets, I'm sure ...I hope ...are the only animal that will confuse it's own ass for the enemy.


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Anonymous said...

baby faces. ~Thisbe