Sunday, September 25, 2005

A hundred thousand protestors marched on the Whitehouse this weekend to protest the war.

Naturally there are going to be people who disagree and they've decided to stage a counter-march in support of the war. So far, so good.

But this is where it turns to shit.

The planned pro-war march is expected by it's own organizers, at best, to draw twenty thousand.

War supporters said the scale of the anti-war march didn't take away from their cause. "It's the silent majority," said 22-year-old Stephanie Grgurich of Leesburg, Virginia, who has a brother serving in Iraq.

No, bitch, it isn't.

If the anti-war movement managed to get 100,000 shiftless, dope-smoking, frisbee-throwing chiba monkeys to show up, and you only got one fifth as many SUV-driving oil addicts to support the war, then you are the "vocal minority."

If you doubt the claim, ask any third grader. Phrase it like this:

     20,000 > 100,000
     (t) (f)

You tried that "moral majority" bullshit back in the 80's. It was transparent then. It's doubly so now.

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