Monday, September 05, 2005

Those shoes that were given to me? The ones that Stu chewed up a little bit? I just looked 'em up -- they're deerskin. Retail for $265.

Luckily the damage is super light. I can either ignore it or probably have it repaired inexpensively.

I have a week worth of vacation coming up this month. Might save it for February. Sales suck in February. On the other hand I'm really kind of dying to have one right now.

The way my company calculates your pay for you vacation week is to average your last six weeks of pay. So timing can easily cause a hundred dollar swing either way.

Decisions, decisions.

My life is seriously coming together. The last free six hours have been spent cleaning this room. Six hours. Came home, slept for three hours, I've been cleaning ever since. But the business is picking up. The next two days I'll be looking at college classes in the spring. Hell, I might even start paying off all my personal loans this week.

The mice have a new cage. One is terrified. The other is running on the wheel. I'm pretty sure most of the pets in this house have some sort of behavioral disorder. Except maybe the fish.

But how would I know?

Speaking of which, the ferret just learned how to open the door. This means I have to lock it. Complete pain in the ass.

An observation; people are used to displaying dissatisfaction in a largely non-oral way. Body language, facial inflection, etc. If you don't look at someone who is irate, or someone you expect to be irate at what you just said, but you pay strict attention, it throws them RIGHT off.

Really, what are they going to do? Point at their face and grimmace? All you have to do is look at the ground and nod at the appropriate times.

Ok. Time to drag the laundry upstairs, doing the dishes, crashing out. Another six glorious hours of shut-eye.

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