Thursday, September 22, 2005

My paycheck was bigger than expected.

A client has been semi-placated, I picked up a simple web job for a few hundred.

Got a headhunter calling me out of the clear blue. Maybe I'll take the job but it would have to be pretty entertaining to warrant leaving where I am. Some weeks I make as much from the referrals I get from my coworkers as I do working there.

I don't think she knew what to use for a carrot on a person whose sole criteria for being interested in a job is how interesting the position is.

Now for the mice; Rick James was running on the wheel so fast that when Peaches tried to get on, she only caught the side and spent the next five very fast rotations hanging on to the edge by her fingernails, ass-out.

Ella came by today. I can't even remember the last time I was that happy to see someone or get a hug. Just riding around in her car was the best time I've had all week. And this has been a week of Good Things.

My days have been spent working my normal hours. It's a dirt-easy job that is over before I know it, generally. I come home, maybe catch a nap, maybe not. Head over to Taylor's, play Grand Turismo 3, play Go, get blazed, chat about anything and everything. Head home, watch some downloaded shows (Battlestar Galactica, Threshold, old Twilight Zone eps). Then I turn off all the lights except for the fish tank. Put on some Marley or Miles Davis, smoke a few Camels and fall asleep whenever I get tired.

Life has a funny way of landing in your lap just when you take a seat, tired of chasing it all the time.

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