Wednesday, December 29, 2004

This post is mainly meant for me to look back in retrospect as a sort of "aha!" moment.

This morning, while prepping something to eat (grilled cheese for the curious), I realized that any attemps I make at "getting something big done" are marred by two primary issues.

a) Spending too much time preparing to do the work and too little time doing the work itself.

b) Rushing into whatever it is I need to do without proper planning.

Opposites of each other, I know.

For example, right now I need to start work on a massive project. I'm so itching to just start coding that I'm tempted to just bypass the planning phase (very bad idea when programming) and just start coding. On the other hand, when I start laying out how the code is going to look, I wind up getting nothing "meaninful" done. Nothing I can point and at and say "here, look what I accomplished today!"

All my projects vacillate between these two problems with a healthy dose of distracting myself with things like video games. I suspect this is because I don't want to do either of the two things above so I'd rather do nothing.

Man, that sucks.

Ok, time to actually start doing something. =)

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