Wednesday, December 29, 2004

now the record always spills on the trails we blazed
the walls are closin in, but that’s ok
'cause I been waitin all week to feel this way
and it feels so good, so good
i’m on top of the world

        Paul Oakenfold - Starry-Eyed Surprise

I just got off the phone with Bruce Perens. In the open source world, this guy is pretty much the equivalent of Freddy Mercury.

I ran an idea by him and not only did he give me some great advice on the questions I had, not only did he give me some advice on issues I had not yet even considered, not only did he say that he thought my idea was "fantastic" but he offered to be on a board of directors if it ever got to that point. And this is after I told him it would be "open" and nobody would be making much of anything.

I feel like my head is about to explode.

Tonight I managed to cook dinner, set up the development/production computer and relocate my media machine, draw up an FAQ for the project, hire a Macromedia Flash developer from the Netherlands who just happens to have prior experience with coupling maps with GPS data, contact Bruce Perens and run the idea by him, call my mother, call my grandmother and contact another coder that might have some old, spare code kicking around that he could donate to the project.

I thought it would take a month just to get this far. It's 9:34PM.

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