Friday, December 10, 2004

A customer came in inquiring about the Game Cube we have on sale. It comes with Metroid Prime bundled. Said he didn't let his kids play shooters.

Why? I guess we all think our own thoughts are pretty much "median" and maybe that's my problem, but I've never really gotten into a disagreement with someone and thought to myself, "ah, the solution here is to shoot them." Like ...ever. Heck, my favorite genre if first-person shooters and I dislike violence in general (but no qualms about defending oneself at all).

*shrug. Then again, I'm sure my TV-is-inherently-evil position is pretty excessive by most people's standards, too.

Decided to take another stab at being a vegetarian. Not going to be hardcore. If someone serves me meat, I'll likely eat it. But I don't think I'm going to purchase it myself. Dunno. I realize that animals die when you clear land to grow vegitables, so it 's kind of absurd to think that you're backing completely out of the death cycle, but it's a start.

New Year's Eve will be my do-or-die continue/no-continue point. I also have to be careful about replacing meat with really crappy food. Which is what I did the first time I was a vegetarian (circa 1991).

I've have no idea why I'm writing this. It's trivial to anyone but me. And I already know.

Oh. And I've got my two computers set up again sitting on a desk that could withstand a direct hit from a small thermonuclear weapon. A return to programming is planned.

Considering doing a sort of news aggregate featuring an impact/importance tool/filter, a comment system with a trust-based moderation scheme, RSS feed (of course) and a mechanism by which people can create "HOWTO" files which describe how you can actually do something in the real world.

Novel, I know.

Oh, almost forgot. It'll have user blog capability and a schema designed to prevent people from only surfing news that they agree with. I consider this hidden pitfall to pretty much be the demise of modern news dissemination: Everyone learns but they tend to learn from sources they agree with, giving the illusion of being informed.

That part is going to be tricky.

Also planning on getting into the rental scene too. Right now the best free stuff out there is pretty much which is a great idea but their layout and searching functions suck.

Anyway, less talking. More coding.

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