Saturday, December 18, 2004

Chris has a very, very high-quality copy of a Brittney Spears concert. Likely snagged it from a satellite feed, who knows. But Rebekah watches it damned near every time she comes here. Several times, actually. The basement has been upgraded a bit so now it's possible to watch it on a 9' (yes, feet) screen. This means that the video is nice and ...detailed. Let's just say that the choreography ranges from insinuous to explicit. This screen hides nothing.

During what I would call the "worst" of it (don't kill me, she's already seen it about 10x), I asked if she had any questions. You know, doing that whole "open door policy" thing.

Bek: No, no questions. ... But I know what the bottom line is.
Me: Bottom line?
Bek: [in somber tone] She's a [spelling it out] S L U T.
Me: Hm. You think so? The guys too, or...?
Bek: No, just the girls.
Me: Why not the guys?
Bek: Because that term is only for girls.
Me: So what would you call it if a guy acted like that?
Bek: [4 second period of thinking] I don't know.
Me: Well ...think about that, ok?
Bek: Ok.

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Anonymous said...

I miss her.