Tuesday, April 19, 2005

My grandfather died today after a short illness. Eighty nine years old, amazing guy. Didn't teach me much, but what he did teach me was extremely important. Namely, you only get what you put in and if you're going to do something, don't fuck around.

I said he taught it. I didn't say I learned it.

On a lighter note, the lunatic right is pissed that George W. Bush hasn't been quite the lapdog they expected after scooting the draft dodging coke fiend into office for a second term. In other words, "we bought it, we own it." Sound familiar?

"How come he's not stumping across America defending marriage?" said Burress, 63, an evangelical Christian and president of Citizens for Community Values in Ohio. "Marriage is a whole lot more important than Social Security."

This one is easy, asshole. It isn't under attack. NEXT!


thisbe said...

*hugs* How's Memere doing?

Jason Nobody said...

Thanks. =)

She's holding up even better than I expected. Told her you said hello, she said hello back.