Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Does NOBODY else see the irony in the Catholic church's repeated inability to decide who should be the next pope? They've voted three times so far with no winner of a 2/3rds majority.

These people claim infalibility on everything from interpretation of the Bible to god's position on gay marriage ...and they can't reach a consensus on who should lead the church? Out of all the possibilities, one of them is a "best choice." Of course, only god (let's assume there is one) knows the future, so only it knows which one is the best choice. Does that mean 33% of the cardinals are frauds?


And if a full third of them are are in disagreement with god on a simple vote, how do they expect us to believe them on anything else?

Do they know the mind of god or not? How could they possibly have voted wrong??

Shouldn't everyone who didn't vote for the ultimate winner be executed as a heretic?

Ok, how about fired?

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