Sunday, November 14, 2004

I'm listening to this group Arcadia Fire. They're like emo. Like really bad emo (who knew you had to *try*?) with a drummer who really likes miscelaneous mid-phrase breaks. The male singer looks suspiciously like Napoleon Dynamite.

I can, however, put on Radiohead's Kid A (both, natch) and always find something new. Every time I hear it, reminds me of a 12 month-old discovering it's toes and being the subject of (and subject to) idiotic fawning.

If you haven't seen Radiohead's Rabbit In Your Headlights video, check it (Bearshare works well for me). Best video ending ever. Perhaps because we all have days when we feel like that, figuratively.

If you haven't seen Jon Stewart's (of the Daily Show) appearance [I recommend the ABC bittorrent client] on Crossfire, me -- spend the next ten minutes downloading it while you make popcorn or poptarts or what have you. Then come back, play the video and choke on whatever you just cooked. It's that stunning. It's kind of like finding a ten dollar bill in the pocket of a jacket you haven't worn in two years.

It's so stunning I actually felt bad for the Republican.

Oh. One more: If you have never heard the Beatles' Tomorrow Never Knows, grab it. I was at work today and it came over the satellite radio. Indistinguishable from modern avant-esque stuff. Progressive, even. Listen and while listening, tell me this isn't 2004 Liam Gallagher, Beck, Squarepusher with a full blotter sheet between them.

So how'm *I* doing? ... I'm doing ok. Brain is warming up. I know my own breathing again.

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