Tuesday, November 09, 2004

First, never talk to the crazies. Ever.

Second, I'm in Brooks Pharmacy when a woman in line in front of me laments how she can't find those hammer-and-peg toys she was so fond of.

Woman: [speaking to myself and the cashier] Yeah, you go into a toy store and ask for them and they're like [shrill, aghast voice] "oh noes, you can't have that anymore!" Everything is so PC these days.
Me: Hm. I think it might have something to do with stupid lawsuits. I'm not sure I see how politics fits into this one.
Woman: [her Fox (tm) WaveBlocker momentarily losing it's hold] Uh ...well ...everything is PC today. [gets her stuff, leaves]
Me: [talking to her as she's walking out the door] Still not seeing how stupid lawsuits have anything to do with politics...
Me: [to cashier] No bag, thanks. I'm trying to save a tree. =)

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