Friday, May 18, 2007

If you've ever wondered how the various techno genres fit together thematically and chronologically, wonder no longer.

Thanks to Jen for cluing me in to this well-researched, extremely funny sampler.

Lessee, what else...

I ate bison last night and it was the best red meat I've had in my life. A slight char on the outside, red all the way through but not cold, melted in my mouth quicker than an ice cream soaked waffle cone.

The waitstaff explaining food to the adjacent diners was a tad bit weird, though.

"This venison was taken from the flank quarters of 'Bob,' a young but gregarious caribou born and bred on the southern tip of Nova Scotia."


I wonder if our waitress heard me, though. She came over, put the food down and said, "your bison." It would have been even better if she simply pointed and said "meat."

I'm leaving Flickr, I'm no longer buying JPG, grr on the former, GRR on the latter.

More later, gotta run. This week has been nothing but...

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Alex said...

I took a friend of mine for dinner to a couple who raised their own cattle and took pleasure in telling us the name of the animal we were eating and the detailed description its last few living moments.

My friend Heather, took a bite and said, "Yum! You can almost taste the fear."