Friday, January 12, 2007

"I've got to support the president," said Rick Johnson, a former serviceman and the store's owner, as he waited on customers. "I jumped in the boat when he jumped in the boat. I am not going to jump out now."

Even if the president left both your lifejackets in the pickup, dropped both oars into the ocean, forgot the map and is currently drilling holes in the hull?

Ok, so they're going to remain loyal. Stupid, but loyal.

But Johnson and other staff members said that even though they backed the Iraq war and the president, it didn't mean their support was automatic or unqualified.

Ok, so it isn't a matter of loyalty, really, it's a difference of opinion about whether or not Bush's mission of achieving a Jeffersonian democracy in Iraq is still possible?

Now they're just stupid.

"He [Bush] is saying we should stay in there until we fix it. It doesn't mean we shall stay in here until we all die," he said, adding that the world should look to the United Nations to solve problems rather than always turning to Washington.

Right, because the U.N. encouraged us to invade Iraq? WTF are these people smoking?!

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