Friday, October 21, 2005

Have you ever relied upon someone you know you shouldn't, did anyway, then regreted it? Again.

These lines are extracted from the IM log but not themselves edited in any way.

[18:13] bodhiFive: A friend of mine didn't realize that the screws on either side of a video monitor connector need to be unscrewed in order to remove the plug. She ripped the plug and some of the pins clean off the video card, which is attached to the motherboard. So I'm trying VERY hard to find a half-height agp or pci video card of pretty much any quality to get her going again. Whenever you have a sec.
[18:22] mike: I can give you a card but can't chat now.
[18:25] bodhiFive: Hm. Ok, well I can certainly pay you for it. I've been allocated $60 for the card itself. Just kick me when you have some time. Or email me, either or. MUCH appreciated.

Next day.

[14:37] mike: I'll have to dig up a card for you.
[14:37] mike: They're obselete.
[14:42] mike: I'll send what I can find.
[14:42] bodhiFive: Ok. Thanks Mike. Just please keep me informed because this person is a little impatient despite them being the knuckleheads that ripped out the video connector.

Next day.

[23:04] bodhiFive: You found one???
[23:06] mike: Yeah, I have one.

Later in the day.

[03:40] mike: What exactly is a "half-height" card?
[03:40] bodhiFive: Oh shit.

Then comes the patented 'sorry but it's really your fault,' followed up with the 'I'm pissed at you for accusing me of being unreliable' bit he's well-known for. And I mean REAL well-known. I pointed out his pattern of bullshit and he feigns ignorance. This is amusing because (a) he knows full well and if he didn't (b) he knows precisely who to ask and (c) the answer he'd get.

I remember having a sinking feeling in my stomach when I contemplated even asking him for help. Actually felt a little guilty about that when Mike said he found one and would definitely ship it the next day.

Now I feel guilty for being a chump and relying on him.

I've told him that any contact would need to be predicated on a real apology. This is for my sanity, not my ego. He's pathologically incapable of saying "I'm sorry." So there is no risk of falling for his bullshit again unless I forget.


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