Thursday, October 27, 2005

First, please do me a favor and watch this. It's a simple, blunt and concice (about two minutes) explanation on how the Rove-Plame CIA leak jeopardized whole swaths of undercover operations, the lives of individual agents and the willingness of agents to put themselves at considerable risk for this country.

What's amazing is that it's not an anti-Bush/Rove rant, it's just a brief breakdown of what all this means and why. No partisanship. Just raw facts.

Angelina Jolie says she wants more kids. Anyone have her publicists number? I want to help.

It seems Exxon -- you'll remember these folks not only as being providers of gas but destroyers and subsequent avoiders of the Alaskan coast -- has posted a quarterly (read; three-month) profit of 9.9 billion dollars. It's a corporate record. How is that possible? I thought all these price hikes were legtimate acts of passing on higher costs.

I mean, I knew that Bush was Big Energy's puppet. I just didn't realize how far they had their hand up our great leader's puckered asshole.

I actually had a few bucks to spend on clothes this week. Purchased some jeans. Some of you might remember me at a size 40. I was pushing 42 at one point. I bought 34's. They're a bit loose.

And Ella, don't fret. In the last three days I've had two coffee rolls, an untold amount of egg+cheese Dunks sammiches and enough candy corn to choke a mule. Trust me. I'm eating. =)

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