Sunday, August 29, 2004

I've had the most elusive cold ever this past week. Long story short, started in the throat (spent a day there), then moved to the lungs (spent a day there) then decided to camp in my head. It's only enough to needle me, remind me occasionally that it's there, but not actually lay me up. I've been eating super-conservatively, sleeping until I can't sleeps no more.

Hope it leaves soon.

Anyway, what the FUCK is this?:


  • Man creates bike that will accept messages from the internet (he screens them).
  • This bike will then spray water-soluble chalk unto the sidewalk (think; skywriting dots but on the ground).
  • This chalk takes about two weeks to go away naturally (wind, rain) but about two minutes by hose.
  • He was arrested while doing an interview with MSNBC in NYC at the RNC.

    FOR WHAT??

    Microsoft had a campaign a few years back where they sprayed chalk butterflies on the sidewalk and were simply cited and told to remove them. And you know how all those kids spraying non-political messages (read; hopscotch) are being busted left and right.

    I can't decide if this is affirmation that everything is fucked or a call to arms.

    Anyway, I think I have my head back. I've been feeling really ...uh ..."un-me" lately. And not even "someone else," just "not anyone." Lump-ish. Today I woke up feeling quite ...motivated? Hm...
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