Tuesday, August 03, 2004

I think I've finally found a band that I don't just enjoy (Boston) or get my head around (Bran Van 3000) or appreciate (Oakenfold) but I fucking downright love.

The most music-centric people I know personally are goths. Yeah, yeah, scowl if you want to but I know at least three people who truly, seriously treat the scene like it's an honest-to-god in-the-bones sort of phenomena. And while I generally can't stand the genre I do appreciate that kind of connection. When I listen to damn near anything by Radiohead (excepting Creep which I find, at best, darned good) I have this feeling at the pit of my gut. It's the same feeling I get when I wake up next to Ella, though that's not the reason I'm writing this [grin].

I think Bjork said something along the lines of "music needs to be something that you feel you have to get out of your head or else you'll die." I'm beginning to have that feeling and I'm afraid that I'll fail.

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