Tuesday, October 14, 2008

• Seeing Rebekah and Kathy and Nick this weekend. w00t.

• Learning bass guitar. Egad. Gotta keep reminding myself; baby steps and blisters, baby steps and blisters. And I'm learning by -- get this -- playing loops on Reason and following along. Sad, I know, but I haven't been bored yet.

• GOT A NIBBLE ON A RESUME. *fingers crossed

• Going to see Stephen !@#$ing Colbert a week before the election. How cool am I?

• Got hired for a wedding photography gig.

Elia and I are still spectacular but not much to report. We're pretty boring people. Mostly we just prod each other to be more productive, canoodle and play Scrabble.

Some pics since it's been a while...

Bek is getting OLD.

Kathy and Ella before she left for Georgia.

Slinky the dawg.

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elia said...

Hm. I guess I don't mind being boring as long as I get to be spectacular, too.