Monday, October 20, 2008

I was pretty pumped last week when I got my first viable reply to a resume sent.

He explained, between other demands for his attention and a constantly ringing phone, the needs of his site. Some text changed here, some forms work there, etc.

No problem.

I understood this within the context of someone who actually read my resume.

I was getting pretty confused because serious web design and development takes hours of back and forth to make sure that everyone is on the same page and the goals are met. This guy was kinda like "I want the the site fixed, go do it, goodbye."

Turns out what he need is a .NET developer. I am not a .NET developer.

In his defense, the kids handling this for him just up and left for college. I don't think he even knew what technologies were involved or the scope of the job as a whole. He seems like a nice enough guy, actually.

So back to Craigslist.

Oh, and to the peanut gallery denizens who were positive Elia and I would fail, eat a dick. We're doing great.

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