Tuesday, July 17, 2007

You may have seen the news that Conservative Republican Senator David Vitter of Louisianna has turned up as one of DC madame Palfrey's clients. Well, his wife is whining about the attention.

On MSNBC's Nightly News podcast, Wendy Vitter said, "Our marriage is stronger every day but for our children -- and now I'm going to speak to you as a mother and I hope you will understand -- it's been terribly hard to have the media parked on our front law and following us every day and yesterday the media was camped at our church."

Well Wendy, speaking as a citizen -- and I hope YOU will understand -- your husband is a politician. This means his private life is wide open to public scrutiny and when he is found to have frequented a brothel, while legislating under the guise of "family values" in particular, well ...uh ...tough shit.

Mrs. Vittner, if you didn't want the media attention and you didn't want your kids to endure the scrutiny that's openly and clearly stated in the job description, scrutiny essential to a functioning democracy, then perhaps you shouldn't have married a Senator who likes to stick his married dick in hookers.

Wendy, remember how your kids would do something wrong, you'd ground them and they'd get mad at you? Like the rest of us, you probably reminded them it was their own actions that caused the punishment, not you? Now would be a good time to remember that truism and come to grips with the fact that the only person responsible for your familiy's misery is Senator Vitter, your husband.

I'm not saying his actions are your responsibility but you don't get to bitch about the fallout.

MSNBC drones on:

And with a good deal of sadness in her voice Wendy Vitter said in most families this would have been handled completely privately but she lamented in the politics of today virtually nothing is private.

True but but "most families" don't write our laws or, in the case of your husband, legislate morality while proclaiming "marriage is truly the most fundamental social institution in human history."

Suck it up, buttercup. Life is hard. Wear a fucking helmet.

And speaking of the asshole Senator currently using his family as a shield, two hours after being contacted by a representative from Hustler about his phone number being found in the madame's black book, Senator Vitter released a press statement.

Well he didn't fucking write it in those two hours, it was prepared in advance. Which means if he never received the call, he never would have come clean. That's not "sorry," that's "sorry I got caught."

Sen. Vitter was perfectly content to lie to his entire constituency to save his own skin.

Zero sympathy. None.

On another political front, Harry Reid is going to continue the Senate session overnight in order to force a vote on Iraq and put Republicans on the record.

ABCNews.com calls this "political theater," comparing it to "Mr. Smith Goes to Washington" because the effort is unlikely to to garner the 60 votes necessary to force cloture.

Which is kind of funny since I've never seen ABCNews.com call Bush's idiotic "troop surge" "political theater" since it has zero chance of succeeding.

One of these results in a loss of sleep and the other massive loss of American lives but hey, who's counting?

I reminded of a quote by Pulitzer, something about a servile press creating citizens as craven as itself. Or something.

In his defense, Virginia Senator John Warner says he cannot "support a binding timetable for withdrawal because it would usurp the president's constitutional power as commander in chief."

Hey, news flash for you, asshole, THAT'S YOUR FUCKING JOB.

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